Committee Reports

Last update:  August 30, 2018

(if you have any corrections for the information below, please send them in writing to the church office as soon as possible.)

Children’s Council

Members:  Julie Viertel, chair, Joyce Zachow, Nancy Page, Jordan Thomas, Chad Budde (replacing Mike Budde)

Meeting Dates:  January 24, March 7, April 2, May 28, July 10, July 24

Decisions year to date:

  • Summer activities: no VBS, programs for YMCA kids, trip to Decatur Kids Museum, cookout at Viertel’s on August 10


  • Fall Downtown Kids registration will be August 29. Start the next Wednesday
  • Position established for Children’s Ministry Director, funded by endowment, sent to church council and PPR for approval and review

Church Council/Strategy Team

Meeting:  May 16, 2019

Members:  Dave Viertel-chair, Paul Schabbing, Steve Ferguson, Shelly Ashby, Mona Buckley, Justin Florey, Susie Beaumont, Mike Albin, Guy Loucks, Randall Ross, Mark Richardson Jordan Thomas, Mike Smith, (Dora Dallas and Tammie Young, without vote)

Received Reports:  Staff Parish-Shelley Ashby and Strategy-Guy Loucks


  • Jaifeng Yan accepted as organist
  • Motions: “To continue with 3 services” and amendment to that motion, ” To continue with the 3 services from May to November and then from December to April, go to just 9:00 a.m and 10:30 a.m.  Both motions passed.

Communications Committee

Members:  Mark Richardson, chair, Dave Viertel, Corey St. Michael, Ardis Larvick, Steve Ferguson

Meeting dates:  January 30, April 10, April 16, June 5, August 21


  • Training in Church Communications (by Pastor Mike, January 30)
  • Evaluation of website (led by Corey St. Michael)
  • New wireless service is installed and people can sign on anywhere in the church building as a guest, without needing a password.  The church staff uses a different connection that does require a password.
  • Apple Macbook Pro laptops have been purchased for use in our worship service (traditional/blended and contemporary)
  • The church now has an instagram account.

Decisions year to date:

  • Ardis will be liaison with the newspaper
  • Corey St. Michael will oversee web site and Facebook page for the church
  • No more special ads in Yellow Pages (due to imbalance of cost and return value)
  • Rejected a $49 per month service from Consolidated to help us improve our position in internet search engines
  • Purchased two Apple MacBook Pro computers for sanctuary worship and fellowship hall (downstairs) worship (funding from endowment committee)
  • Communications Committee will recruit, train, and oversee AV operators for Sunday worship services
  • Change all outdoor signage to reflect new website URL and new service times (vans, signboards)


  • A new church pictorial directory will be ready in October.  The congregation will receive the rough draft on September 9, with a request to make corrections before the final draft is ready in October.
  • The committee will be recruiting and training people to use the computers in worship services to enhance our audio/visual experiences.
  • We will be setting up a sign on 16th street (to be put up and taken down each Sunday) indicating where people can park.

Education Committee

Members:  Mike Albin, chair, Ann Livesay, Phyllis Dickenson, Burt Wright, Katelin Maninfior

Meeting Dates:  January 31, March 14, April 26


  • reviewed changes to education committee role since there is now a children’s council covering children’s education
  • talked about the importance of small groups
  • Encouraged Burt Wright in gathering men for “Iron Sharpens Iron”
  • Heard a presentation from Kaitlin on what young adults (with kids at home) are doing on Sunday mornings and what interest they have in classes and worship
  • Evaluated potential impact on Sunday school classes of Sunday Morning Revitalization


  • conduct a congregational survey to find out what subjects people are wanting to study in new classes we may offer (not enough people filled out the survey to be meaningful)
  • Planned a prayer walk throughout Mattoon during the season of Lent (led by Phyllis)
  • Communicated with all adult classes regarding the new times they will meet with Sunday morning revitalization
  • Phyllis will be in charge of bulletin boards in the entrance hallways and keep displays updated


  • set a goal of establishing more small groups in our church for education, growth, fellowship (perhaps as many as 12 new small groups)

The following small groups and Sunday School classes exist currently (as of April 2018)

  • Tues 11:00 a.m. – led by Pastor Mike (18 attendees)
  • Tues evenings – “Romans”, led by Tammy Young (6-8)
  • Wednesday 6:30 a.m. – “Prayer”, led by Phyllis Dickenson (?)
  • Thursday 6:30 a.m. – led by Linda Hance (12)
  • Revelations (4-8 attendees)
  • K-3 (4)
  • Agape (?)
  • Nursery/Pre K (?)
  • Champion (6)
  • 4-5th(zero)
  • Asbury (15-17)
  • 7-8th(6)
  • Choice Living (10)
  • Futures (6)

In a recent email from Mike Albin, the committee was brought up to date since the June 13 meeting was cancelled: 

Mike Smith has ask that we cancel tomorrow meeting so we have more time to see how the Sunday morning activities are working out. We do have some work assignments to do before our next meeting which will be scheduled sometime in July possibility.   Phyllis could you continue to think about how we display words in the church to provide hope and joy in their daily walk with God.  Burt continue to look at options on how to growth our men’s ministry by small groups or other means.  Ann would you talk to Adult Sunday School teachers this month to see if attendance has been change by the new times for Sunday School classes.  Kaitlyn, you and I will work to find a way to encourage more reading or studying the word of God by the members of our church.  Mike suggested looking at something that could be used on people’s smart phone’s.  I don’t even have a smart phone so I will need your help to even understand the opportunities which are out there.
Last the next meeting we will discuss the best way to use a survey to promote adult education, what core values Christian education should have, and what goals to we hope to reach before the end of the year.

Endowment Committee

Members:  Don Hance, chair, Becky Baker, Peggy Dow, Tim Tutt, Joyce Bell, Randall Ross

Meeting Dates:  January 18, April 19, May 21, July 12, October 17


  • Heard a presentation from Wells Fargo on status of investments of church funds


  • $2,500 each for scholarships for Luke Young (seminary), Sophie Collings (intern for 2017-18 year) and Morgan Hampton (intern for 2017-18 year)
  • $800 for scholarships for conference canoe trip led by Ron and Phyllis Dickenson
  • $2,600 for secretarial help for 6 months to replace Dora who will be spending one day a week cooking for our Sunday morning revitalization.
  • $5,200 for communication committee request for computers for worship service AV, purchase new software for worship AV, and rewiring building for wireless
  • $3,000 for piano players for expanded 8 a.m. worship service for Sunday morning revitalization
  • $2,500 for risers for children’s programs in gym
  • $15,000 for one year for a children’s director to upgrade our children’s programming


  • $36,700 were available on January 1, 2028 left over from the 2017 earnings on endowment funds, according to endowment fund policy formula
  • Two endowment funds have the following
    • Hazel Crosby
      • $581,130 principle investment
      • $747,648 fund balance 6/30/18
    • Benevolence
      • $56,510 principle investment
      • $84,198 fund balance 6/30/18


  • The funds available for 2018 will be calculated at the October 2018 meeting, according to the endowment policy formula to determine how much money is available to spend each year

Finance Committee

Working Members: Dave Ropiequet, chair, Kathy Beals, treasurer, Randall Ross, director of deposits

Meetings:  January 17, February 21, April 25, May 16, June 20, July 11, August 15


  • Monthly review of treasurer reports and reports on deposits
  • Monthly review of budget to actual expenses


  • We have 77 pledging units this year totaling $306,472 in pledges for a $408,000 budget
  • Total income (general fund) first six months of 2018: $201,673
  • Total expenses (general fund) first six months of 2018, all bills paid: $198,594
  • Restricted funds being held (youth trips, memorial, benevolence, etc.): $15,293


  • To send out giving statements quarterly.  This has not been done this year, and the committee will be sure they are sent out by the end of August for the first half of the year.  The next statements will cover through the third quarter and be sent out near the end of October.
  • A new policy is being prepared on how groups within the church should handle funds:  youth group, second wind, etc.  

Hospitality Team

Members:  Dora Dallas, chair, Nancy Dearing, Joyce Sparks, Dan Young, Angelica Beltran

Meeting Dates: January 9, February 6, March 6, April 12,


  • Reviewed “5 types of church visitors: are you ready for them?”


  • Chili cookoff
  • Host for 10:45 worship service in January while it is in downstairs fellowship hall
  • Healthier snacks downstairs for January worship services
  • Meal for Easter Vigil
  • Gifts for Mother’s Day to women attending
  • Cake and punch for graduates in May
  • New decorations and furniture for lobby
  • Secured name tags for people to wear on Sunday mornings
  • Serve refreshments at “A Way Forward” conference meeting
  • Fifth Sunday potluck for July 30


  • Call those who miss attending church

Member Care Team

Coordinator:  Mona Buckley


  • Monthly worship and communion at Brookstone South
  • Purchased song books and CDs to be used at Brookstone South and 2 other facilities
  • Regular visitations at nursing homes, home visits by team
  • Regular consultation with Pastor Mike on member needs so he can also visit

Mission Team

Membership:  Susie Beaumont, chair, Morgan Hampton, Steve Ferguson, Beth Watson, Linda Schilling

Meetings:  March 29, April 26, May 17, July 26, September 11


  • Heard a presentation on homelessness in Coles County from Larry Sullivan (Embarras River Basin Social Services)
  • Reviewed the Social Principles of the United Methodist Church to get perspective on issues relating to Misson Team


  • Continued support for Backpack
  • Continued support for Fit to Serve
  • Continued support for One Stop Christmas
  • Continued support for Christmas Food Baskets


  • A brochure for the congregation on where to take materials for recycle and disposal
  • Sponsor a “Poverty Simulation” event on August 30
  • New support for visitation to those who leave PADS to get permanent housing to establish a connection and help them so they will not return to homelessness

Pastor Parish Relations Committee

Members:  Randy McDowell, chair, Bryan Burrell, Dustin Maninfior, Shelly Ashby, Joan Downs, Debbie Albin, Dave Viertel, Steve Ferguson, Peggy Ropiequet, Jeri Brown, Tim Tutt

Meetings:  January 18, March 15, May 3, July 30


  • Orientation to the committee by Pastor Mike
  • Returned the conference evaluation form for the relationship and work of the pastor and the congregation.
  • Received reports from the senior pastor regarding the work of the paid staff

Strategy Team

Members:  Guy Loucks, chair, Mike Lefever, Kelly Pierce, Mike Bradd

Meetings: February 5, April 2, May 7, July 30 (with Church Council)


  • Orientation by pastor on concepts of strategy
  • Develop metrics for evaluation of Sunday Morning Revitalization

Stewardship Committee

Members:  Justin Florey, chair, Larry Larvick, Dave Schilling, Sue Warren, Peggy Dow

Meetings:  April 12, June 25 (cancelled because of death in Justin’s family)


  • Reviewed the 2017 Consecration Sunday Campaign


  • A “program fair” for autumn where all the programs of the church can display their work and sign up volunteers and people interested
  • 2018 Consecration Sunday plans


Members:  Tim Coffer, chair, Jeff Scrimager, Larry Dennis, Rob Ames, Nancy Dearing, Mona Buckley, Becky Baker, Linda Hance, Alan Hildebrand

Meetings:  January 22, February 26, March 26, April 23, May 21, June 25, July 23


  • Orientation by pastor
  • Walk around of parsonages and church building
  • Built a firewall to replace a door that adjoins Trinity Towers
  • New lights in fellowship hall downstairs (now used for contemporary worship)
  • Replace furnace, clean mold, replace water heater in 17thstreet parsonage after flood damage
  • Replace air conditioner condensing unit in 17thstreet parsonage
  • Repair shower and replace drywall in bathroom of 17thstreet parsonage
  • Sign off on purchases of furniture by hospitality committee, wireless cables proposed by communications committee, new chairs by contemporary worship leader, risers by children’s committee
  • Purchase and install 2 defibrillators
  • Installed blinds at the Western Avenue parsonage
  • Repaired boiler at the Western Avenue parsonage
  • Scott McDevitt repaired water damaged ceiling in sanctuary
  • Did away with the Commercial Mix Master (due to age)


  • Finance reports on trustee savings account ($50,000 + interest after 2 years)
  • Heard a report that phase 3 of our HVAC project will cost $118,000
  • Received a church council clarification of trustee duties vs. staff duties and other committee duties.
  • Changed insurance companies (August 1) to Church Mutual to save $2000 premiums
  • Approved 3 year service agreement with Rogers Organ to service the organ ($1800)
  • Decided to keep van keys locked in the safe and implement new paperwork for those who use the van.


  • Painting in sanctuary
  • Carpeting in sanctuary
  • Carpeting in gym
  • Some cushions in sanctuary new foam
  • Purchase a new safe for the office
  • Phase 3 of the renovation project:  replace air conditioning units in the new section of the building.  Cost of Phase 3:  $118,000.  Money on hand: $35,219.  To be raised (7/30/18): $82,787.
  • New cabinet built/installed in kitchen to store food for Downtown Kids
  • 17thstreet parsonage
    • Cracks in ceiling in living room
    • Broken window in kitchen
    • Exterior caulking
    • Exterior painting
    • West end of garage siding
    • Outside staircase and door eliminated and dropdown stair installed
    • New dehumidifier
  • Western Avenue parsonage
    • Soffit replaced (1 piece)
    • New ceiling light in foyer
    • Electrical outlets fixed on southeast side of house
    • Evergreen yews in yard eliminated

Worship Committee

Members:  Becky Thurn, chair, Nancy Ross, Sue Montgomery, Mary Guyette, Sophie Collings, John Armstrong, Tiffany Johns

Meetings:  January 24, April 12, May 17, July 3, July 22, September 4


  • Training from the pastor on the meaning and purpose of worship
  • Reviewed the changes for worship for Sunday Morning revitalization
  • Planned for musical and space changes in chapel for the new 8 a.m. service
  • Evaluation of Sunday morning worship changes after the first month
  • Evaluated sanctuary for “togetherness” logistics for 9 a.m. worship service
  • Evaluated Advent, Christmas, Lent, and Easter programs


  • Church wide picnic and one worship service for September 23 at Peterson Park

Youth Council

Membership:  Lori Collings, chair, Derrius White, Marylee Orman, Tim Tutt

Meetings:  January 23, March 6, May 6


  • Sunday night youth programs using young adults and families
  • Kid’s sleepover program to raise funds for trip
  • Canoe trip on Buffalo River in Arkansas
  • Spiritual retreat in Kentucky
  • Weekly programs throughout the summer (usually 2 a week)
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