Ammie Waters and Zach Waters

Zach Waters and Ammie Waters

Ammie Waters is a native of Charleston, Illinois.  She is a graduate of Charleston High School.  She took classes for being a dental assistant at Lakeland.  Ammie is married to Mark, and they have two children, Mallory and Zach.  They have 3 grandchildren.

Ammie’s son Zach is a native of Charleston and now lives in Ashmore.  He attended Hawthorn School in Mattoon.  He has his own business mowing grass and doing yard work. 

Ammie has worked at Godfathers Pizza, run a daycare in her home, served as a one on one aide in the Charleston School District, and has served as a custodian at First General Baptist (Mattoon,) The Warehouse Phase III (Charleston,) and Faith United Methodist (Mattoon.) She currently serves as custodian of the Hutton Church (Hutton) as well as First United Methodist.   

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