Junior High and Senior High


Please check our blog for detailed information about Sunday Night Youth group and events: zline.home.blog

Z Line is available for all Junior High and High School students. Our Junior High & High School meet on Sunday nights! Junior High & High School meet together from 6-8pm! We meet at 1408 S 17th Street (Jordan’s house) in the backyard! Each week in the summer is like a cookout youth group where we play yard games and have a message leading to small group discussions. 

Events are held outside of Sunday night youth service, especially in the summer time! Come and hang out with us whenever you hear of a Z Line event! Everyone is welcome! Also, you can visit our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/zline16

The best way to get ahold of someone for info on events is to contact Jordan Thomas on the staff page!

We try to emphasize the growth in a student’s understanding of faith and in a student’s personal ministry. The name ‘Z Line’ comes from John 1:4. The Greek word use for life is ‘zoe’. So, Z Line can be seen to mean Life Line. God is our Eternal Life, and we are then charged with the communication and proclamation of the Life God has blessed us with!

If you would like to join the youth group or come visit,  just show up! We will be happy to have you!

If you would like to volunteer with or join the youth group, contact Jordan Thomas below!

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