Sunday School

A variety of Sunday School classes for all ages is offered each Sunday.

Healthy Habits                                                                                                                Room 201

Mind, Body and Soul Class will meet in the Agape Room from 9:30-10:20 a.m.  All are welcome to come regularly or drop by to visit sporadically!  Taught by Susie Beaumont

Champion-Asbury Class
Room 308

This class is made up of enthusiastic, spirit-filled, golden year-aged Christians who love to sing and study the word of God. They focus on Bible teachings and include music and prayer each week. Participants study from the Adult Bible Studies Quarterly and gather monthly for an outing for dinner or have dinner catered in to us. The catered dinners are held in the Fellowship Hall of the church, and entertainment is also provided for this event.

Revelations Class
Room 304

This class is made up of couples and singles ages 35 years and older. The class features a discussion-based study of a wide variety of material.

Future’s Class
Room 101

This class is made up of parents with school age and pre-school children. The class is heavy on discussion and dealing with real-life issues.

Senior High Class
All purpose room (downstairs)

Our class begins with prayer requests and a sharing time to discuss events happening in the students’ lives. We also have a Bible study. We end the session with discussion and a prayer.

Kids Church
Room 217
Led by Mindy Smith

Between 9:00-10:00 a.m. on Sundays, the kids will enjoy music, a lesson and a craft in the Blue room off of the Fellowship Hall!

Preschool classroom
Led by Tammie Young

We usually start with a light snack and then focus on learning about the Bible through stories, art, and music.

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