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October 2, 2020



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A big ‘Thank You’ to everyone who prayerfully gave to the UMW World Thank Offering on September 20.  Most of us recognize that we still have so much to be thankful for even in this strange pandemic year of 2020.  Most of all, we have God’s unending and unchanging grace and mercy towards us in sending his precious Son to die on the cross for our Salvation.  We will be sending $1064 to the District for distribution to the UMW’s many mission projects to help the world’s women and children and $350 to Evenglow Lodge in Pontiac to be used for their Nursing Scholarship Program. Thanks be to God!!

COULD YOU CALL IT MONEY LAUNDERING?                            

FUMC Missions Committee is visiting local laundromats to pay for someone’s washer/dryer use.  The project is planned for the month of October, and is intended to be an act of kindness during this stressful time. The following are descriptions of different household combinations that have been reached and comments from recipients:

~Father and daughter household; Dad who is recovering from brain surgery and hopes soon to be back at work, but “thank you so much, this is really appreciated.”                                              

~Mother and father household; “we are here doing our daughter’s laundry to help her out– plus our own washer broke down so we brought our laundry to do.  That is so kind, God Bless.”

~Gentleman- “I don’t know why anybody would want to do that.”

~Senior Citizen Female–“No thank you, give the money to someone who needs it, I have plenty of quarters. ”


Due to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, it has been decided to cancel the Christmas basket program at our church this year.  There are unknowns about how many food items could be collected, the safety of delivering them by the Boy Scouts and others helpers, and what the status of the pandemic in the next few months will be.  We look forward to continuing this important program next year.

We will be collecting toys this year for ONE STOP COMMUNITY CHRISTMAS!  Please  pick up a sheet off of the Welcome Desk for more information.  If you have questions, see Dora


Church Week at Rural King

We are signed up to participate in Church Week!  Visit Rural King between August 2-15. Save your receipts and upload the information online by September 1 and the church will receive 10% of the receipt’s total. If you don’t have access to upload them or need help doing so, bring your receipts to the office and Dora will help you. Click here for the Rural King website for Church Week!


Christina Krost’s grandmother, health; John & Shirley Burton, health; Richard Henna and family, recovering from COVID

Thank You

Donna wants to Thank everyone for the Birthday cards, she received quite a few! Here she is with her great granddaughters:

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